How to I flavor my waffle cones?

Simply add 1 oz of Waffle Cone Zone flavor to approximately 1 quart of prepared waffle cone base and whisk through.  Then bake, roll, store and serve as normal.

What Flavors are available?

Currently, we have Red Velvet, Espresso, Green Mint, Blueberry and Strawberry flavors.  We are developing others but would love to hear your suggestions.

Can I use these flavors if I make my own waffle cone mix?

All of our flavor profiles can be added to a purchased waffle cone mix or a recipe that you make on your own.

Will the flavor bake out?

Our flavors were developed to be used in the baking process and are a "Baking Emulsions". This means that the color or the flavor will not fade in the baking process.

How strong is the Flavor?

Our flavor range is designed to complement the taste of your ice cream rather than detract from it.  The flavors provide a subtle back note of flavor so as to not overpower the ice cream eating experience.

Can I modify the usage rate?

You can modify the usage to make the color and flavor stronger or weaker, depending on your preference.

How many cones will 1 x 16oz bottle flavor?

One 16oz bottle of waffle cone flavor will provide color and flavor to approximately 300 standard sized waffle cones.

What is the cost per cone?

The cost per cone is about.05c

How do I charge the customer?

You can simply absorb the .05c per cone into your food cost and use the unique color and flavors to sell more waffle cones.  Food costs on waffle cones are very low and can be a very profitable line item for your business.
You can also upcharge the customer to a flavors cone if you would like.

Are discounts available?

Of course! During the NICRA 2020 Virtual Convention we will be giving 20% off our starter pack of the 5 original flavors. The discount is only available during the convention from 11/10 - 11/12. 

Can I order in Bulk?

Bulk orders of 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers can be requested under certain circumstances. Contact us at info@waffleconezone.com for more details.

Is the Flavor Kosher?